What is the Name for CuCl and CuCl2?


In ionic compounds, the anion has a fixed charge; there […]

In ionic compounds, the anion has a fixed charge; therefore, Cl has a fixed charge of 1- Cl^1-, CuCl is the same as Cu1Cl1 --> Cu^1+ Cl^1-, CuCl2 is Cuprous Chloride, Cu1Cl2 --> Cu^2+ Cl^1-, (**Remember each subscript is the charge of the opposite ion, in Cu1Cl2, the 1 came from the Cl ion and the 2 came from the Cu ion).The compounds according to their classical names as well: cuprous chloride (CuCl) and cupric chloride (CuCl2).

CuCl2 is yellowish brown (powder) in color, soluble in H2O, alcohol, and ammonium chloride. It is used in dying copper, silver, and gold. CuCl is a green (powder) in color such as the resin in copper, it is insoluble in H2O. Any more questions please email me.

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