What Issues Need Attention When Using Basic Copper Sulphate?


  1. Basic Copper Sulphate is highly corrosive. When us […]

  1. Basic Copper Sulphate is highly corrosive. When using Basic Copper Sulphate, special care must be taken to prevent strong acid from splashing and hurting people. The externally splashed alkaline copper sulfate is flushed to the sewage tank with cold water at any time.

  2, alkaline copper sulfate splashed into the eyes or on the skin, should be quickly washed with a lot of water. Serious cases should be sent to the hospital immediately.

  3. If there is any leakage of Basic Copper Sulphate, it shall be reported in time, and diluted recovery or neutralization treatment shall be done. It is strictly forbidden to discharge, causing pollution.

  4. Drug that does not understand nature must not be placed, mixed or tested for Basic Copper Sulphate at will, and it is forbidden to taste, sniff, or directly touch with your hands.

  5. It is strictly forbidden for non-workers to enter the worksite.

  The precautions related to the use of Basic Copper Sulphate is generally the above. It is hoped that the staff that regularly use Basic Copper Sulphate daily can master this knowledge to avoid being hurt.