What To Pay Attention To Basic Copper Sulphate


  Basic copper sulphate, also known as blue alum and st […]

  Basic copper sulphate, also known as blue alum and stone gall, is a transparent dark blue crystal or powder. It is soluble in water and its solution is weakly acidic. It is a commonly used medicine in the prevention and treatment of fish diseases, which can treat protozoan parasitic diseases of fish, such as ectoparasite flagellates, ciliates, pipe worms, Chinese fish fleas, etc. As basic copper sulphate is a heavy metal salt, the following points should be noticed during its use:

  First, the ability of basic copper sulphate to kill pathogens varies from changes in the water environment. In general, its toxicity increases to increasing temperature and decreases to increasing pH, organic matter, and salt. Therefore, the dosage should be flexibly controlled according to the specific conditions of the water environment.

  Second, the safe concentration range of basic copper sulphate is small. In general use, the basic copper sulphate with a concentration of 0.5 ppms to 0.7 ppms is splashed into the whole pool or immersed in the basic copper sulphate with a concentration of 8 ppms for 20 to 30 minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately measure the volume of aquaculture water when using it and to correctly calculate the amount of medicine used.

  3. Excessive basic copper sulphate can cause necrosis of kidney tissue, destruction of hematopoietic tissue, and increase to liver fat. It may also remain in the gills, muscles, and liver of fish, hinder the absorption of the intestinal tract, and affect fish feeding And grow so it cannot be used often.

  4. basic copper sulphate is often mixed with ferrous sulfate at a ratio of 5: 2. Ferrous sulfate is mainly used to eliminate fixations and remove obstacles to basic copper sulphate to kill parasites. Especially the Chinese fish flea parasitic disease, due to the swelling of the end of the fish gill silk swelling and whitening, a large increase in mucus. If the effect of copper sulfate alone is not obvious, it must be mixed with ferrous sulfate. Note that the concentration of ferrous sulfate is the same as that of copper sulfate.

  Fifth, the temperature of the water in which the basic copper sulphate is dissolved should not exceed 60 ° C, otherwise, the liquid medicine will easily fail.