Where Can Be Used for Cuprous Chloride


Cuprous Chloride is a white cubic crystal or white powd […]

Cuprous Chloride is a white cubic crystal or white powder. It is hardly soluble in water, soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid and ammonia to form a complex, and insoluble in ethanol. Used as catalyst, bactericide, mordant, decolorizer; metallurgical industry; for the determination of carbon monoxide and acetylene in gas analysis.

So where is the specific use of cuprous chloride? Here are a few uses for you.

Cuprous chloride is used as a catalyst for organic synthesis and is used in industries such as pigments and antisepsis.

1.Cuprous chloride is a widely used catalyst in the organic synthesis industry. Under its catalytic action, it can produce a variety of organic chemical products, such as vinyl acetylene, monochlorobutadiene, acrylonitrile, etc., using cuprous chloride and two Methylamine compatibility can be equipped with catalyst for polymerization of diphenyl ether. In the petrochemical industry, cuprous chloride is often used as decolorizer, desulfurizer and release agent. Cuprous chloride is used as catalyst and reducing agent in oleochemical industry, especially in the former. Known.

2.In the dye industry, cuprous chloride is used as a practical gas absorbent, specifically in the production process of indigo blue, reactive emerald green, indocyanine green and aniline dyeing (pigment), mainly for absorbing oxygen and carbon monoxide gas. More special.

3.In addition to the above applications, in the metallurgical industry, electroplating industry and pharmaceutical and chemical engineering and pesticide engineering (biocide), battery industry, rubber industry and many other industries, the application of cuprous chloride is also deep and practical, cuprous chloride (high Active) is also an effective catalyst for the production of methylchlorosilane mixed monomers (based on dimethyldichlorosilane) in the silicone industry. The market demand for cuprous chloride catalysts will be quite extensive. The market demand for cuprous chloride has been in recent years. Expand the trend.